Design Your Ideal Day

A FREE coaching exercise created to help you find clarity in your career and end the cycle of "I don't know!" 

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Having It All 

As a Career Coach, I truly want you to have everything that you desire for your career.

The salary. The job title. The autonomy. The work-life balance.

I want you to have it all! 

But, as your Coach, I have one question for you. 

How are you supposed to get what you want if you don't know what you want? 

When you have CLARITY of your career vision you can begin to take simple, strategic steps to bring that vision to life. 

That's where The Ideal Day Coaching Exercise comes in!

Clarity Creates Confidence

Get the clarity you've been seeking with "Your Ideal Day" Coaching Exercise from Samantha Calonita

Shift Your Mindset

"Your Ideal Day" will shift your focus from the daily grind to your daily dream! It will pull you out of that negative spiral and shine a light on your true desires.  

Meet Your Mentor

Meet Samantha Calonita, Certified Soul Purpose Coach! Samantha has helped women all over the world to discover their purpose, heal from burnout and create their dream careers. Now, it's your turn!

Learn to Manifest 

"Your Ideal Day" will give you the tools to manifest the life and career you've been dreaming of.