Summer Account 3200

What is Accountability Group Coaching?

Do you know what you should be doing but for some reason you're just not doing it?

Yep. That's why you need an Accountability Group. 

You Bring the Goal

Set a goal or intention for our 10 weeks together! It could be about your self-care, your career, your health and more! The only requirement is that it is important to you. If you're struggling to get clear on your goal, don't worry! We'll do it together.

I'll Bring the Accountability

Join me each week for a group coaching call. First,  we'll check in to see what you accomplished in the past week. Then I'll coach you through the physical and mental blocks you experienced. Then we'll create customized action steps for the week ahead. 

The Group Brings the Support

Build lifelong friendships with the most amazing, supportive women. We are joining together in a space of support, positivity, and non-judgement to help one another achieve our goals and build our confidence. Groups are limited to 6 participants to ensure that everyone gets ample support.

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Why Should I Join an Accountability Group?

What's the Point?

Because what you've been doing...well, it isn't working.

Because I've got the tools to help you get past your fear of taking action.

Because it's time to stop putting off your goals and dreams. 

Because showing up for your accountability partners helps you to show up for yourself. 

Don't just take my word for it!

This is why our past group members took the leap:

  • Samantha Calonita

    “I'm ready to make my dreams a reality!”

  • Samantha Calonita

    “I often know what I need to do in order to be my best self but I let excuses get in the way.”

  • Samantha Calonita

    “When I show up for others, it motivates me to show up for myself.”

2019 Winter Account Groups

Stop Procrastinating

Stop Playing Small 

Stop Putting Yourself Last 

Stop Waiting to Live Your Dreams!


Start Taking Aligned Action 

Start Creating Healthy Habits  

Start with Positive Self-Talk 

Start Connecting with Strong, Smart & Supportive Women! 

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What Happens on a Coaching Call?

Step 1: We'll do an opening meditation to help the group get grounded and release stress from the day.


Step 2: I'll share a 20 minute training on a foundational coaching topic such as taking 100% responsibility, overcoming fear, building confidence, time management and more! 


Step 3: Hot Seats! Each group member will receive a 15-20 minute hot seat coaching spot. We will affirm your goal for the course, discuss the action steps that you did (or did not complete), explore that experience was and coach you through any physical or emotional blocks that have been holding you back, and set customized action steps for the next week. 


Step 4: The group will share reflections with one another. The magic of group coaching is that we are able to see ourselves in the stories of others. Their breakthroughs become your breakthroughs. Their joy becomes your joy; and vice versa. 

Step 5: I'll lead you in a closing blessing to conclude the call. 

The Details

Dates: June 22nd - Aug 24th 

Capacity: Max of 6 participants

Location: Online via Zoom Video

Meeting Times:

Group 1: Mondays at 7:00 PM EST 

Group 2: Tuesdays at 7:00 PM EST 

Investment: $444 with payment plans available



What You Receive

- 10 Weeks of Group Coaching 

- 10 Custom trainings to help you explore coaching foundations, mindset and success principles 

- Access to my online curriculum including my 6-Step Goal Setting System 

- Personalized action steps to achieve your goal 

- A one-on-one Accountability Partner (optional)

- A group of supportive, non-judgmental women to share this experience with.

Don't Miss Out!

This is your time.

Let's make this your best summer yet! 








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